Dr. Azhar Siddiqui

Dr. Azhar Siddiqui (Senior Doctor)

Profile & Expertise

  • Works as govt Doctor in govt hospital.
  • Specialised in implants holds certification from South Korea.
  • Specialised in Aligners holds certification for Illusion Aligners ,32 Watts, Odonto Aligners.
  • Specialised in basal implants.
  • More than 10000 patients treated for root canal procedure.
  • Hold a working experience of more than 12 years.
  • Excellent leadership skills, friendly, extremely caring.
  • Holds various important position in Indian dental association jhansi.
  • IDA state champion for different sports.
  • Worked as a leading position in various activity.
  • Awarded by UNICEF on 26/1/2022 , District Magistrate for exceptional work in corona.
  • Aarticipated in various activity for state and District.
  • Organises camps for poor and underpriviledged.