Illusion aligners (Modern aligners)

Illusion aligners (Modern aligners)

When it comes to clear aligner treatment, Trust Illusion Aligners to deliver the best results. Illusion aligners make use of the most advanced material and orthodontic technology to precisely and efficiently treat alignment issues.

Illusion aligners are comfortable, unnoticeable and invisible alternative to metal braces. It is the only brand of Indian origin that has received approval from US FDA. The company is known for its stringent quality checks. It treats the teeth alignment problems in the most efficient manner by utilising the advanced material and the latest orthodontic technology.

The brand uses a 3D setup to virtually visualise the final outcome of the treatment even before the treatment starts. Patients are provided with Zero Aligners so that they can evaluate the fit and comfort level of the aligners and then go for the treatment. These aligners have a thickness of 0.8 mm and can easily adjust without resulting in gum or teeth discomfort.

These aligners are made to last the wear and tear of the oral environment and are crack resistant. These are also stain-resistant and highly long-lasting. The patient can enjoy his diet without worrying about the durability of the product. The company offers pocket-friendly tools for tooth straightening and flexible payment options.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

Ultra Clear

Gives better aesthetics

Illusion aligners have high optical clarity that makes them unnoticeable and allows you to undergo discrete orthodontic treatment



Conveniently fits in your routine

Fabricated with a thickness of just 0.8mm, our aligners are easy to adjust to and do not cause any discomfort to your teeth,tongue or gums.



Safe and Effective

Illusion Aligners is the ONLY Indian brand to receive the US FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) approval. Each aligner is made from our premium aligner material and subjected to stringent quality checks.



Facilitates your treatment

Illusion aligners bring about consistent and accurate tooth movement throughout the treatment giving you end results as planned.



Minimises incidence of breakages

Superior mechanical properties that are a perfect balance of strength and flexibility allow our aligners to withstand the wear and tear in the oral environment.



Let’s you eat your favourite food

Our aligners have been tested to show minimal discoloration even after prolonged wear.They promote hygiene and do not require you to compromise on your dietary habits.



Enables easy tracking

Each aligner can be laser marked to indicate the unique case number, upper or lower arch and serial number at which it should be worn.