If you are not happy with the way you look when you smile, then there is a good news for you. With the recent advancements of dentistry, you can now design your own smile and get a complete smile makeover for yourself. If you are looking for a smile makeover in Jhansi, then Jhansi Dental Care is your place of choice. Jhansi Dental Care has all the latest equipment and technologies required to give you the best treatment possible.


What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is the process of improving the appearance of your smile through some cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as: Dental laminates and veneers, Composite restorations, Tooth implants, Teeth whitening etc. You can now create your own smile and look the way you always craved for. A smile makeover is customised according to the need of the patient. It may vary according to your face cut or your oral condition. Some may have malaligned teeth, whereas some may have yellowish teeth or crooked teeth or spacing between teeth. Any dental problem and we are here at Jhansi Dental Care to solve it for you.


What is the process to get a smile makeover?

Smile makeover requires a number of dental procedures in order to achieve the smile you desire. It varies from person to person as every person has their own preferences. We tend to fulfil them all with perfection. On your 1st appointment, we will examine your oral cavity and the shape of your face. We will check certain specific aspects required for a smile makeover such as, the tooth colour, alignment and spacing, missing teeth, presence of fuller lips and cheek or any disharmony in the teeth condition such as any cracks or chips. We will then evaluate the condition and prepare for a smile makeover. We will then show images of the corrected smile to you on the computer screen for your valuable input. Once you are satisfied with it, we will then schedule the required procedure and begin with it one by one, as required, to deliver you the perfect smile.